The term "hybrid turbine" means "unconventional or potentially upgraded turbocharger". It consists of a turbocharger with combined parts of different turbocharger models or parts of different sizes and uniform base. Also, a hybrid can be made between completely different manufacturers, for example between Garrett and Borg Warner, to achieve the ultimate Turbo performance. There are many variations on hybrids ranging from turbo with only one different part to those that have many components changed. Therefore, there are no strict rules regarding hybrid turbines. With a change in design and performance, you can achieve a tremendous boost in power. The tuned turbocharger can appear to look completely standard but in the inside to be full of modified components and sizes.

GR Turbo produces hybrid turbochargers according to the needs and designs of our customers for gasoline, diesel or racing cars.

We do not reduce the tuning of turbines only to fitting larger compressor wheels.