Gr Turbo is a sole-owned company, established in 2010 to provide high-quality repairs to all types of turbochargers for light, light commercial vehicles, buses and road construction machinery. Over the years, our name has become the synonym of success and leadership in the recycling and sale of turbochargers in Bulgaria, proof of which are our satisfied customers from across the country.

We at GR Turbo have the latest generation high-speed vibro-balance stands for turbochargers. We have stands for high-velocity vibro-balance of medium-speed turbochargers as well as for tuned turbochargers. Our stands work up to 250,000 revolutions per minute. Real-time simulation of the turbocharger's performance in the car. They also monitor oil pressure and temperature as well as vibrations at optimal load and revolutions.

After each turbocharger has passed through our stands, we are authorized to issue a certificate of authenticity and vibro-balance of the turbochargers. The certificate is under ISO standards. After each repair we have issued, a turbocharger warranty card and a certificate of a high-speed stand are issued.


Nowadays it's good to know that balancing is not the final stage of the turbocharger repair process. Modern turbines are a complex mechanism, and the management of their work is a problem, but only for the unprepared.

World leaders are: Borg Warner, Garrett, Holset, IHI, Mitsubishi Turbo Systems.

According to their competent opinion,it is not possible to repair the turbo variable geometry outside their official garage and to achieve factory quality. And for the most incompetent, it is clear that a specialized equipment is needed. This, of course, is true, but recently we at GR Turbo have a stand, last word on innovative technology solutions.

It allows us to test and adjust almost all of the turbochargers on the current market.

With our Cimat Turbo Test Expert, it is not a problem to set and test any variable geometry or wastage turbine.

It does not matter if the turbo is with an electronic or pneumatic actuator.

The stand measures the amount of air passed over a unit of time through the variable geometry and simultaneously counts the turbine speed.

Another important factor is that the turbocharger is lubricated with oil under the necessary temperature and pressure, mimicking precisely the work of the turbo in the car. All important parameters for the optimal work of the turbo are monitored after reparation by measuring and analyzing.

Each repair is completed by testing and adjusting the actuator and the stop bolt. This is necessary because most of the modern tubular compressors are controlled and monitored by complex mechanisms - electronic and pneumatic actuators, position sensors and even combined ones (vacuum actuator and position sensor in one). The unloading valve controls the unloading mechanism. Modern turbines feature an electronic actuator, a combination of electric motor and precision electronics such as Hella, VDO / Siemens, Mitsubish, Sonceboz and others. The actuator determines when and how much the variable geometry or wastegate of a turbine without geometry can be opened or closed.

From what has been said so far, it is necessary to conclude that in order for a turbine to work properly, the correct condition is a working actuator and variable geometry, and this is just a piece of the strength of our Cimat Turbo Test Expert.

The electronics also have defects - most often we encounter broken reducing agents or defective electronics, leading to incorrect control, turbocharger bad operation and power loss

Fine tuning is a must when replacing any types of actuators. Failure to do so will cause the car to be in an emergency mode.

Our database, containing parameters for turbine tuning, operation and performance, is continually being enriched. We aim for a 100 percent match in the settings set by the manufacturer. The stand counts the fatigue of the actuator, worn connections between the bearing body and variable geometry, and at the same time shows in real terms what adjustments are to be made for the correct adjustment.


Our stand measures and compares the air flow rate produced by the turbocharger, which is a unique and very important feature. For each turbocharger, there is data in the stand memory of what it is supposed to produce, which helps us compare the factory data with those of a refurbished turbine. And if there's a problem, we can fix it in our premises. Additionally, this feature shows what we've achieved once we've made a hybrid of your turbo and how to pick the best details for optimal results. After the measurement, you get an easy-to-read certificate with overlay.


This is an unique feature that is possible ONLY at our stand in Bulgaria. Until now, this test was only possible in turbine laboratories of the manufacturers. It compares and measures the pressure produced by the turbocharger, taking into account the atmospheric pressure and the speed at which it rotates. It is also a very useful hybrid function that gives real data about the correct tuning of the turbine in the car.


This is another feature that proves our technique has no analogue at the moment. None of the other "flow benches" in the market supports this feature, along with the above. You probably know that, for example, new VDO actuators are bought "empty" - without software. In other words, the actuator is mounted on the turbo, which is mounted on the car and goes to an official dealer to "pour" the software (educate) to make the new actuator work correctly. Which, however, is a very expensive and time-wasting operation.

Well, you will no longer need it because we can teach (pour software) almost all types of electronic actuators known in the market - VDO / SIEMENS, HELLA, MITSUBISHI, TOYOTA, SONCEBOZ and others.